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Art Building Tour - Main Block

Straight ahead on entering the main door is the Arts Block General Office.

Turning to the right on entering the main door is the staff room on the right, and down a half flight of stairs through some fire doors are stairs heading to the first floor on the left, a classroom straight ahead and the gym on the right. Up the stairs is a classroom and staff office.

Turning to the right on entering the main door is a set of fire doors. Through these you can find a half flight of stairs leading downwards to the staff and student toilets, and a fire exit, and rear parking, all on the right, and adjacent to the half stairs going down is another full set of stairs heading up.

At the top of these stairs is Studio A11  on the left,  A12 straight ahead. Turning to the left, the Animation Office is on the right and walking along this corridor is Studio A13 on the far left, A14 straight ahead to the left, A15 straight ahead to the right, and adjacent A15, opposite A13 is the Rostrum Room.

Back on the ground floor, if instead of ascending the stairs, you continue through the fire doors you will find the students canteen area on the right and room 6A on the left. Further down on the left is room 5A and on the right is the dark room.

Continuing along you will reach a half flight of stairs going upwards. Straight ahead are staff offices. Turning to the left you will find rooms A2 on the left, a fire exit further along on the right, and room A1 at the end of the corridor. Turning to the right from the top of the stairs, you will find rooms 3A on the left, and much further along also on the left are rooms 4A and 4B, and at the end of this end of the corridor is the Rock School Office.

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