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Principal's Welcome

Welcome message from Cecilia Munro, Principal

Ballyfermot College is a great choice because it has been the forerunner in further education and training provision in Ireland for the last 40 years. In fact, it’s known nationally and locally Ballyfermot College as a key provider of further education and training.

Ballyfermot College provides innovative courses. They’re creative, they’re high tech, they’re cutting-edge, industry focused. We use industry resources to provide those, and we have a multi-disciplinary approach across all departments, which really lends to the education and provision of what we do.


This college is a unique example of quite a diverse college. We have diverse students. They come from all sorts of shapes, sizes and backgrounds. They’re post-leaving cert students, they’re adults returning to education, they’re unemployed looking for upskilling. There are students with degrees and masters coming back to do our courses, to learn the skills necessary for employment.


However, one of the key aspects of our diversity, is that we have a key outreach position in the Ballyfermot community and the local areas. So, for example we’re linked to the local library. We hold traditional music sessions for the people of Ballyfermot and our students on a regular basis.


As a result of Covid, the college has been completely digitized in the last year and a half. This is really important for our students because they now can apply online, and pay their fees online. Also as well, our mode of communication is through digital mode, and we use mobile phone, we use sms, we use emails, and we use a lot of other video type communications channels to communicate to them. The  communication is instantaneous which is what students want today. What I would say to students thinking about a course in Ballyfermot College is – it’s your plan and it’s your future. Join up, attend the course, make sure you attend all your classes, make sure you avail of the curriculum, and that you engage in the curriculum, and make sure you complete your assignments on time. Then you are on track to gain your award.

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