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Computer Training Material

Wriggle Connect

Wriggle Connect

Wriggle Connect is Ireland’s only training platform developed to support BCFE students in using technology for learning. With hundreds of short, practical online tutorials in the following areas and other popular educational tools for learning.

Learning Areas on Wriggle Connect:

  • MS Outlook for Students
  • MS Word for Students
  • Microsoft Teams for Students
  • OneDrive for Windows
  • MS PowerPoint for Students (Introduction)
  • Creating Photos and Videos for Students
  • Learning Tools in O365 for Students
  • Making your device more Accessible for Students
  • MS Forms for Students
  • MS OneNote for Students
  • Padlet for Students
  • Troubleshooting a Windows device for Students

BCFE students will be emailed a login link after their induction to access these learning resources.

Computer Training Materials

How to access email in BCFE and office 365 for free

How to access Moodle in BCFE

Microsoft Teams

Creating a Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint

Preparing your Assignment in Microsoft Word

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