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Laptop Loan Scheme

BCFE has a limited number of laptops available for fully registered students to loan for the duration of the academic year. To apply please email with Student Laptop Loan Scheme in the subject line.

Students using laptops

Laptop loans are governed by the following conditions

Any such ICT equipment remains under the ownership of City of Dublin ETB /BCFE at all times and will be returned upon request or by end of academic year i.e., May 2024.

All ICT equipment must be maintained and safeguarded in a safe and secure manner.

Any distribution of the equipment to another person is not permitted.

Students/borrowers are responsible for:

  1. Protecting the ICT equipment from loss or damage,
  2. Not using ICT equipment in an unreasonable or illegal manner, such as:
    1. Improper servicing of the equipment
    2. Improper installation of ancillary hardware upgrades
    3. Installation of any software not relevant to educational purposes
  3. Reporting any problems with the equipment(i.e., loss/ theft/damage /device malfunction) during the loan period within 48 hours to –
  4. Saving their own data and creating their own backups whilst using the ICT equipment and in advance of returning the ICT equipment. On return of ICT equipment, any and all data will be erased and be no longer available.
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